Breakfast and Working bee

This Saturday from 8:30am His Presence Church will be providing breakfast at our current location Unit 1, 503 Gympie Road, Strathpine. Breakfast will be followed by a working bee in preparation for moving out of the current building.

Once we have vacated the building, there will be no Sunday services for a few weeks. Everyone will be notified of when the final Sunday service will be in the current location. After the short break, Sunday services will begin in a new location, as we start afresh, with new opportunities and a new beginning for His Presence Church. Each and every person who attends His Presence Church is the church, the church is not a building.

During all of this process, both home meetings and prayer meetings will continue.

Pastor James will be in contact with everyone during this week to reassure you of the path, we the church, are taking, the new opportunities and new beginning for the church.

Please keep an eye on your emails and the church website, as the website will be updated, enhanced and new information added regarding the church vision, identity and mission statement.

If you have any immediate concerns regarding the church happenings, please contact Pastor James on 0406 632 826.

Please feel free to bring additional supplies on Saturday for the breakfast, morning tea or even lunch! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

Guest Speaker 18th, 19th & 20th October, 2014

News Flash!!
Special Guest speaker this weekend!!! Tell others so they don't miss out!

His Presence Church has the honour of hosting Bob Griffin, Saturday 18th October at 7pm, Sunday 19th at 10am & 6pm and Monday 20th at 7pm.

A bit about Bob:
Bob has been called as a Prophet of the Lord and has been sent to many regions, such as North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe and the continents of Africa and Australia.

Bob also walks in the office of an Apostle and a governmental Prophet as he counsels with church and world leaders all across the world. Bob and Jayne have been sent to regions to establish and set apart those who are called into the ministry. Bob has established ministries all around the world as he has prayed for people to step into their destiny!!

If you’ve been in one of Bob’s meetings, you know that he loves to worship and to speak ‘destiny’ into the lives of children and young adults. Ministering with the same mercy that he was given when he was delivered from years of drug abuse, Bob’s heart reaches for the lost and hurting. His sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is tangible – Jesus loves to hangout with him because obedience is better than sacrifice!

Water Baptism Sunday 12th October

This Sunday the 12th of October, His Presence Church will be conducting a Water Baptism service at 6pm. Those wishing to be water baptised are encouraged to come, learn and participate in the water baptism service.

Water Baptism symbolizes the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ and our identification with Him in them.  

Please bring a change of clothes, for the baptism and a towel if you wish to be water baptised.

Apology re: Darrin Begley meetings

His Presence Church was greatly privileged to host Apostle and Prophet Darrin Begley on Thursday evening 2nd of October.  Darrin brought a powerful and relevant word critical to our future path through all the resistance of the enemy.  Friday evening brought a number of visitors from near and far who no doubt came anticipating a power filled evening. Although further meetings were planned,  it was with deep regret through circumstances beyond our control that Darrin was not able to come on Friday or Saturday and I sincerely apologise to all those who were inconvenienced, disadvantaged and disappointed.  As it turned out Darrin suffered a debilitating back condition which ultimately prevented his return.  The full details were not known to us until the following morning.  It is our intention to have Darrin minister with us upon his next visit to Australia

Jewish Pentecost (Shavu'ot)

This Sunday morning (1st June) Anthony and Janine will be teaching us about Shavu'ot.  They have asked that each person brings a piece of fruit, and that each family also bring an additional piece.  Come and be blessed with this teaching and grow in the knowledge of God and His love for His Jewish people